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Codes And Colors Making time & products Usable, Valuable Njoy! cheers

stunning design


Lean on us for an outstanding designs & usable, successfull digital interaction
extra fast website


We code pretty good, which makes users switch for that interactive and speed like air or a blink of an eye
worth spend solutions


Feel free to make your space in our mailbox. You have idea, we might be responsible to do it


We have extreme passion about our work

Bringing raw ideas to business interaction. We Concept Design with successful interactions, adaptability
fulfilling it with quality & powerful technology.

Nesting raw ideas to a usable platform

We are Individual's skilled with different strenghts, Transforming visual ideas to usable platform

"Success after a failure is Organic" - sohel patel
c# 2016 india


We have worked 5+ years using asp and Using we successfully delivered the dynamics
interactive css3 2016


User interface requires a css and we at codes and colors builds custom css, giving a Less, Clean, Beautifull & Catchie Visuals
ease your server response


Why invest more when you can build & boost your digital backend process, working smoothly using Backbone Js

enlighten your web app performance


Technology driven to makes Digital Stuffs lightweight and efficient. Why so much of coding?
xhtml and html5 coding for fast browsing


At codes and colors, we use Html5 language to build high end Digital interface, working almost on any gadgets
light weight data transformer


Modern basic requirement of any E-Commerce website which Enhance quick response for the End users

Clients we have worked with

Jelin George Fashion designer Life Entertainment Darama Absolute Scuba Always Logo design Leelan Clothing Onus Technologies
OTG World Rossoyuki Techmind Digital

What's all with Codes & Colors

Building own WORLD of uncommon Imagination and unlimited ideas!. We are proud to offer
the powerful experience because of our endless possibility


We connect technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JS to achieve the best results. We also design powerfull visuals for marketing purpose, unbounced.


We learn and integrate the latest technology, making the best out of less resource. We code less for more, resulting the best usability, performance & success


For client interaction, we use popular tools like skype for visual communnication, google docs for file sharing & many more fresh tools available for free


We also boost our work by SEO ready codes, so as right from the site being live the activity of search engine optimizations starts knowing the website

Frequent questions answered!


How much time does it takes to build a website?

Usally we boost ourself to complete the project within the deadline, but giving a specific time and doing it half hearted, is not our style, passionate work. The fastest project we completed till date was within an hour

How much do charge for Logo Design?

Not a direct answer, Beacause there different categories of logo designs. Example texual logo, Iconic, Icon with Text, Creative, Alphabetic and many more, if you have something to be integrated in logo, YES we can work on it

Want to sell your Products & Service online?

You are welcome to Codes and Colors. We Build Beautifull Online Shopping Website like a Pro, being one

Is it handy to Update Wordpress website?

YES!, After knowing the basics of wordpress functioning it is comfortable to update your own website, anytime, anywhere. Just you need is Time + Internet Access. No Technical knowledge required.

How Beneficial is Landing page?

Landing page is a key to Marketing strategies, where you can target visitors to experience your valuable product, doing this had made 60% of our clients, transform visitor to customers

Does it cost more for a Mobile Website?

Its a never to worry option to build a mobile website, because it cost the same of a normal website. 84% of Global Websites are Responsive / Mobile friendly today.